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Putting My Experience
to Work

My name is Mariah White.  I served in the United States Armed Forces for 26 years, retiring in 2014 as a Major from the Virginia Army National Guard. Today I continue to serve our country by taking care of our brave men and women while working at the Department of Defense (D0D) for the past 24 years.

I am a longtime resident of Richmond and a proud 1983 graduate of Thomas Jefferson High school. I obtained an Associate's degree from J. Sargent Reynolds College and a bachelor's degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. Knowing and believing that education is essential, I advanced to obtain a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Strayer University. Recently, I earned a second Master’s degree in Education (M.Ed.) from Strayer University.

I cherish and credit the success of my upbringing, youth, and education to dedicated foster parents, group home, and a fifth-grade teacher named Mrs. Grady.  Also, a lifetime of close friends from every race, creed, religion, and background. I joined the United States Army to serve our Nation and our country's way of life for equality, freedom, and justice. I learned early on that freedom was not free. That freedom, justice, or equality denied for one, meant freedom, justice, and equality denied for all.


I am running for the 2nd District School Board because I firmly believe it is the human and constitutional right. Every child in the Richmond Public School System should be provided the right to an excellent education regardless of background, obstacles, or economic status. I believe that every Richmond Public School student is entitled to the best in buildings, safe environment, technology equipment, and quality instruction.  I think that my many years of service to the school and community will make me a very informed and knowledgeable school board member. I have established good working relationships with students, school staff, teachers, and parents in the community.

Most importantly, I want you to know that I am a mother, mentor and advocate who will continue to stand up for education. My husband and I have two adopted sons who attend Richmond Public Schools, which gives me a personal vested interest in the success of our schools. I have great aspirations, concerns, and tenacity for improvements to ensure that all students have the best. Our children's future deserves and is entitled to the best public education. 

I would very much appreciate your vote on November 3, 2020.  

I will advocate for all students to be academically ready and nourished, both physically and mentally.

Thank you,

      Mariah White 





4S6A8077 WEB.png
  • To provide Equitable Resources for students and staff in Richmond Public Schools.

  • To provide Resources and Amenities for Special Education that is inclusive and student-centered.

  • To provide Focus and Structure with Disciplinary actions for character building.

  • To reduce Overcrowded Schools.

  • To provide and Adopt policies and review for effectiveness for Students and Staff.

  • To promote a productive communication/relationship with Parents, Teachers, and Community stakeholders.

  • To provide and ensure students have access to the Best Education in the 2nd district, regardless of socioeconomic status and college and career readiness.

  • To include teachers and staff in all decision-making efforts for public education.

  • PTA- Parent Teacher Association - Past President for (G.W. Carver ES)

  • VCU- Virginia Commonwealth University Alumni (Life-Time member)

  • LWV- League of Women Voters-Richmond Chapter (member)

  • Moms Demand Action (member)

  • Carver Promise Mentor - 12 years at Carver Elementary School

  • CACIL- Carver Area Civic Improvement League (member)

  • Golden Key International Honour Society (member)

  • Trinity Baptist Church Civic Engagement Group (member)

  • RAC-MOAA- Military Officers Association of America (Legislative Director)

  • The American Legion- Post 144 (member)

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